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MUSE received the award “EY Innovative Startup 2024”

- Certified as a start-up company that promotes innovation -

Today, we Muse (Head office: Tokyo, President & CEO: Yasutaka Kasagi) are delighted to announce that we received the award ”EY Innovative Startup2024” which is organized by Ernst &Young ShinNihon LLC (EY), given to startups from all over Japan that are expected to grow remarkably in the future.

EY Innovative Startup 2024

It has been held since 2017 with the aim of supporting further growth by fairly evaluating outstanding startups, for promoting their innovation that will lead to economic revitalization.

The award-winning companies are selected based on EY’s network knowledge and the opinions of external experts. 15 companies from 9 fields are selected for this year's competition, based on 3 evaluation criteria: innovation, growth, and social responsibility. 

■Overview and our goal

- Create a symbiotic society with people with robots are optimized for retail stores -

We are going through a big change in society under Covid-19 during the past few years, and robots in logistics and manufacturing industries have accelerated full-automation and unmanned operations amid the backdrop of a domestic labor force. However, we believe what is important is “how people will change with using robots”, in order to make robots more acceptable in places close to the public.

We have developed “ARMO” that inspires us while placing the highest value on the essential elements of human nature, such as creativity, inspiration, kindness, and communication with others, which are required in our daily lives. ARMO is not only compact and affordable robot, but the best part is to be able to connect to multiple applications in the stores. ARMO can not only perform the operational improvements of daily in-store operations such as transportation of stocking, shelf monitoring, and customer service, but it can also be useful in a wide range of marketing activities such as creating and analyzing a database of sales floor. ARMO is a robot that revitalizes the retail stores.

We are delighted that ARMO's uniqueness and creativity have been recognized by everyone, and we are also grateful for this award, and we are much proud of the high expectations for our prospects.

We are going to expand our business not only in Japan but also in the world. We’ve already exhibited ARMO at NRF2024 in NY, the world’s largest trade show for the retail industry this January and we started our test marketing for US business. We look forward to seeing ARMO will work in various stores on a global scale and expect to work with our global business partners.

Store Robot Armo


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